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SGP > SGP Mobile Charger Kuel F60Q

SGP Mobile Charger Kuel F60Q
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SGP Mobile Charger Kuel F60Q

Battery Pack Quick Charger 6000mAh

The F60Q is Samsung SDI certified as a 6000mAh high-capacity battery cell and comes with excellent safety features and high quality. Apple products, Androids, smartphones, and tablet PCs can be charged from anywhere with the F60Q external battery pack. In addition, its minimalist design and simple cube shape includes the latest equipment and matches the style of any device.

• Samsung SDI certified 6000mAh Battery cell
• 10W Power Charger (input : DC 5V 2A / DC 5V 2A)
• Compatible iOS and Android OS
• Charging available for tables and smarphones for both OS
• Simple cube shape and minimal design, 4 steop LED display
• Micro USB to USB Cable included
• Designed by SGP in California, USA
• Made in Korea

* Caution :
Does not inculde Power Adapter and Connector Cable for each device.

* Output
When charging your phone, the F60Q outputs 10W (DC 5V 2A) and charges up to two times faster than competing products.

* Input
When charging the F60Q, the 10W (DC 5V 2A) provides a fast charge that allows battery to charge up to two times faster than competing products.

* Charge Check / Charging LED Lights
The four stages of charging can be easily determined through the LED lights on the side of the battery.

* OS Selection Switch
Mobile Phones : Charging available regardless of OS selection

Table PC : Select the appropriate OS before beginning charging
Galaxy Tab : Select I Android Charging
iPad :II Select II Apple Charging
Motorola Mobile Phones : Select II Apple Charging

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Product Compatibility

SGP Mobile Charger Kuel F60Q is a Universal product and has no special compatibility limitations.